Fake popularity bites

Although buying ”fake likes” (pseudo fans and followers, etc) in Social Media is considered by professionals, at least, an illegal, backdated and bad practice, there are still loving supporters (companies or self-promoters) who actually believe that this a great way of investing their money.

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Publishers’ relationship with the readers or in Facebook language: ‘it’s complicated’

Of course, the Media Owners’ intention is to enhance this relationship; however I wonder: in a very competitive digital environment, where losing clicks means losing serious money, how exactly will they enhance this relationship when they are already part of Facebook’s ecosystem, hence somebody else is -also- calling the shots?

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Facebook and Publishers: From ‘man bites dog’ to ‘who decides who bites whom’

Since October 2014, there has been a great deal of speculation about the ”tectonic shift” in the world Media&Publishing Scene and Facebook. Seven months later, the new partnership between the SNS Giant and the NY Times is here, creating media stir and raising questions worldwide about the future of media in the era of social media.

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