Recommended Reading: ‘How do digital platforms shape our lives?’ (WEF blog post by Dr.Farida Vis and Pia Mancini)

Before this highly recommended read below, a short comment of my POV on (just one side of the) algorithmic accountability:

Μetrification and intensification of digital&social media actions come at a cost which- while seemingly trivial in the beginning- is rapidly becoming one of the Internet Industry’s biggest headaches: Data Privacy.

The European Commission reported in 2011 that the largest amount of information on the Internet is produced in Social Networking Sites (European Commission, 2011). The frantic explosion of technological innovation makes users less able to keep up with changes that influence their ability to manage their online identity and makes protection of privacy one of the most crucial and controversial issues (King & Raja, 2012).

Additionally, in the quest for ‘micro-fame’ and ‘micro-celebrity’, a great deal of users increasingly share large amounts of personal or sensitive personal data, without even realising that in the hands of third parties (advertising, marketing, HR or other mass surveillance governmental or non-governmental agencies) such data might easily be misused without their consent.

This is an interesting read by Dr.Farida Vis and Pia Mancini on how digital platforms shape our lives. Both writers focus on algorithmic accountability and governance through a range of scenarios that spark public debate. In my opinion, this is a long awaited and crucial public conversation.

More here:

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