Why #RIPTwitter concerns academics&researchers



Social media platforms have dramatically changed over the last couple of years, from being facilitators of communication to becoming business for services (publishing and/or financial services, data providing services, even common good services at some particular cases and so on).

Change has been a serious issue for Twitter as well: after a very -financially- complicated three-month period, the company has just announced algorithmic additions in users’ timeline changing the order in which tweets will be displayed.

But how Twitter’s new algorithm will affect researchers, academics and funders and is a totally different issue that needs thorough understanding. Dr.Farida Vis, Faculty Research Fellow in the Information School at the University of Sheffield and director of the Visual Social Media Lab, explains in depth possible implications, especially in cases where reliance on a single social media data source, might prove very tricky.

See more at:

Research Resilience: Why academics and funders alike should care about #RIPTwitter

Image source: https://www.rt.com/news/331609-twitter-timeline-algorithm-change/



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