‘Picturing the Social’: 2016 Conference

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Very excited and honoured to participate in Visual Social Media Lab‘s upcoming conference ‘Picturing the Social’ on June 20&21, at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, which features a great line up!

Susan Etlinger (Altimeter Group, A Prophet Company), Paolo Gerbaudo (King’s College, London), Katharina Lobinger (University of Bremen), Fatima Aziz (EHESS, Paris), Simon Faulkner (Visual Social Media Lab/MMU), Matteo Azzi and Gabriele Colombo (Density Design/Politecnico di Milano), Rebecca Moody (Erasmus University, Rotterdam), An Xiao Mina (Meedan), Anne Burns (Visual Social Media Lab/ University of Sheffield), Lin Prøitz (Visual Social Media Lab/University of Sheffield), Farida Vis (Visual Social Media Lab/University of Sheffield).

Watch the video for more information about the conference.

The conference will explore contemporary image sharing on social media and online visual cultures, with the aim of creating productive dialogue.
There will also be a small post conference workshop on the 21st of June, for people working in this area.

The workshop will go in to more depth about four specific aspects and challenges that frequently emerge when researching social media images:
1) how to deal with the challenges of interdisciplinarity
2) how to make the most of using and combining different methods from across the Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences
3) how to work with different available tools or develop new ones if no suitable tools exist
4) how to visually represent and tell stories with data that is already visual.

During the conference’s workshop (Day 2), I will join Dr.Farida Vis who will introduce a session on how to make the most of using and combining different methods from across the Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences.

I will present an overview of methods concerning Visual Social Media, Big Data and Food Cultures: a talk deriving from my research in collaboration with the Food Standards Agency and social media analytics&intelligence company Pulsar.

Registrations for the conference can be found here.


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