Facebook and Publishers: From ‘man bites dog’ to ‘who decides who bites whom’

Since October 2014, there has been a great deal of speculation about the ”tectonic shift” in the world Media&Publishing Scene and Facebook. Seven months later, the new partnership between the SNS Giant and the NY Times is here, creating media stir and raising questions worldwide about the future of media in the era of social media.

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Opportunities and Issues with Utilising Data Science in Advertising

During the last Ad Tech Conference in London (21-22 October 2014), WPP Chief Sir Martin Sorrell using a reference to the famous American TV Series ‘Mad Men’, pointed out that soon enough, data will change the advertising landscape so dramatically, that Don Draper (the protagonist of the TV series, depicting the lives and works of an advertising agency during the 60’s) would not even recognise certain areas.

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