Business, creativity and social media effectiveness: Olivier Rousteing proves he can be successful in all three

╬člivier Rousteing, an invaluable asset for Balmain House over the last years, is super talented and has an eye for business. He is almost thirty years old- which is very impressive of course- he is a polyglot and has a cosmopolitan spirit. Nevertheless the real meat of his story with Balmain in my opinion, is found in the strategic choice of the House to invest on him in order to reach a new, younger and mostly diversified global target audience.

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Facebook in China: Mark Zuckerberg’s mission to change the (business) world

One year ago, during China’s senior executive official in charge of cybersecurity and internet policy (Lu Wei) visit in Silicon Valley, Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying that he had bought China’s President Xi Jinping book “The Governance of China” to his colleagues because he…”wanted them to understand socialism with Chinese characteristics”.

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