Recommended Reading: ‘How do digital platforms shape our lives?’ (WEF blog post by Dr.Farida Vis and Pia Mancini)

The European Commission reported in 2011 that the largest amount of information on the Internet is produced in Social Networking Sites (European Commission, 2011). The frantic explosion of technological innovation makes users less able to keep up with changes that influence their ability to manage their online identity and makes protection of privacy one of the most crucial and controversial issues (King & Raja, 2012).

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Opportunities and Issues with Utilising Data Science in Advertising

During the last Ad Tech Conference in London (21-22 October 2014), WPP Chief Sir Martin Sorrell using a reference to the famous American TV Series ‘Mad Men’, pointed out that soon enough, data will change the advertising landscape so dramatically, that Don Draper (the protagonist of the TV series, depicting the lives and works of an advertising agency during the 60’s) would not even recognise certain areas.

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