Recommended Reading: ‘How do digital platforms shape our lives?’ (WEF blog post by Dr.Farida Vis and Pia Mancini)

The European Commission reported in 2011 that the largest amount of information on the Internet is produced in Social Networking Sites (European Commission, 2011). The frantic explosion of technological innovation makes users less able to keep up with changes that influence their ability to manage their online identity and makes protection of privacy one of the most crucial and controversial issues (King & Raja, 2012).

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Information Governance and Social Media: A briefing paper for Media & Advertising Agencies

Last year DOMO, one of the top Business Intelligence Services companies in the US, published an infographic with the title ‘Data Never Sleeps 2.0’ (Domo, 2014) showing the amounts of digital data generated every minute. The numbers were impressive and it seemed hard for the reader to realize that all these massive amounts of data reported responded to only just one minute of an hour.

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Publishers’ relationship with the readers or in Facebook language: ‘it’s complicated’

Of course, the Media Owners’ intention is to enhance this relationship; however I wonder: in a very competitive digital environment, where losing clicks means losing serious money, how exactly will they enhance this relationship when they are already part of Facebook’s ecosystem, hence somebody else is -also- calling the shots?

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